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Heading: 2023 Annual Report

Caption: JPF Grantee — Salvation Army of Massachusetts

Culinary students at Salvation Army of Massachusetts

Heading: Vision

Caption: JPF Grantee — Paul's Place

Culinary students at Paul's Place

Letter from the Executive Director

Thankfully, this past year felt more normal and predictable than the pandemic-soaked years prior. In 2023, we felt like we were back to doing the work we want and intend to do, as opposed to pivoting to the rapidly shifting environment. We were able to breathe, think, plan, and imagine.

To that end, many of our accomplishments in 2023 were in line with our standard annual goals, but with improved processes and outcomes. Perhaps more importantly, in 2023, the JPF hit an inflection point. In addition to our public-facing accomplishments, it was a year of introspection that re-buttressed our foundation's mission and goals. We advanced organizational systems as we have grown from a small family-run non-profit into an established influencing agency in the world of culinary education. We added staff members to support our communications and social media outreach. Our board met to discuss a strategic plan that will guide our work for decades to come. We collaborated with organizations including Oceania Cruises, the James Beard Foundation, and the Julia Child Foundation, who recognize that supporting the JPF is critical to ensuring that Jacques's work and his legacy is never forgotten. With that support, we renewed our commitment to preserving, protecting, and ensuring the legacy of Jacques Pépin.

Jacques Pépin at the James Beard Foundation Awards

Jacques at the James Beard Foundation Gala For Good

As we look to the future, we believe that our mission to improve lives through culinary education will become ever more important. Not only will the food service industry continue to need qualified and capable workers, justifying our grant programs for workforce development, but the public at large will need tools and platforms to learn how to cook. Food literacy is dramatically waning. Young people are not learning to cook in school, nor at home.

Rollie Wesen
Rollie Wesen, Executive Director

This poses a big question that needs answering: decades from now, where will people get their knowledge about cooking? With his enormous and unmatched library of cooking content, we are certain that Jacques's life's work in culinary education is a critical part of the answer. Cookbooks remain a bright light of strength for the publishing industry, and Jacques is working on his next book, but instructional cooking television is in decline. Cooking influencers on platforms such as Tik-Tok are on the rise, but it remains to be seen if lasting and true cooking techniques and the attainment of kitchen knowledge can be learned from watching Tik-Tok.

Rest assured; we are working on a solution. With your support, and the immense generosity of the Rachel Ray Foundation, we are currently building a Community Kitchen-focused website that provides video and foundational instruction aimed at the student clients of our Community Kitchen partners. We believe this tool could act as a template for broad and deep culinary instruction, serving a range of populations with a depth of instruction.

90x90 logo

To support this initiative, our granting program, our sustained growth and influence, and the protection of Jacques's assets and legacy, in 2024 we are launching a bold new campaign that will give us the capacity and financial security to pursue our goals, while celebrating Jacques's contributions to the culinary world.

Details of our “90 for 90 Celebration” — 90 Dinners nationwide for Jacques's 90 years, culminating with his 90th birthday in December of 2025 will be coming soon. In keeping with Jacques's deep egalitarian ethos, everyone will be invited to participate!

Jacques Pépin in the kitchen
Jacques cooking at home
Photo by Tom Hopkins

We are grateful for your support in 2023. It was a year of reflection, growth, and planning. We celebrated at our 6th Anniversary at our Gala in April, highlighting the exceptional work of our partner, EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant with EDWINS Executive Director and Founder Brandon Chrostowski as our keynote speaker. We are proud of the continuing success of all our programs including: the JPF's Principal Grants Program for community-based culinary training programs nationwide, our new Partnership Circle Grant offering $50,000 over two years, awarded in 2023 to New England Center for Arts and Technology (NECAT), to develop a new baking and pastry program; our work producing videos of Jacques's “Cooking at Home” series, now approaching 400 in number; our self-paced, online video cooking course from Rouxbe that is teaching participants how to cook like Jacques from the comfort of their own home kitchen and last but not least, the JPF Membership and its associated Video Recipe Book, Cook with Jacques Pépin & Friends, now with more than 250 recipe videos, giving every single JPF Member the chance to expand their own culinary techniques while supporting the culinary education of so many others.

In 2024, we will continue to provide grants and curricular materials. We will continue to protect and extend Jacques' incredible legacy as a chef, educator, and mentor. We will continue to give back to you through social media and our website videos of recipes and techniques. We will launch a campaign that celebrates Jacques and advances our mission nationwide and enlists more culinary professionals to carry this important and essential torch, spreading the word and helping to expand opportunities for culinary education and training to all.

We are grateful to have you with us as part of the Jacques Pépin Foundation family.

Very Best Regards,

Rollie Wesen signatureRollie Wesen, Executive Director

Brandon Chrostowski
Brandon Chrostowski
Photo by Ken Goodman

The Jacques Pépin Foundation

The Jacques Pépin Foundation (JPF) advances Jacques' love of culinary arts and teaching through video recipe production and curriculum development, expanding education and training for all. We provide grants and other resources to Community Kitchen partners, which offer culinary and life skills training, helping individuals detached from the workforce gain confidence, skills, and employment in the food industry.

Specifically, the Jacques Pépin Foundation:

  • Supports the teaching of culinary skills through various channels to many communities
  • Works to improve and expand culinary training through Community-based Culinary Training Programs / Community Kitchens
  • Produces video recipes by Jacques Pépin and many other notable chefs, from José Andrés to Andrew Zimmern
  • Creates curricula for home cooks and professionals, available through
  • Assists in fundraising efforts to increase visibility and sustainability of Community Kitchens
  • Provides curricular materials such as cookbooks and technique videos from the Pépin library
  • Brokers relationships between equipment manufacturers and education providers
  • Supports the national network of Community Kitchens
  • Offers grants in support of Community-based Culinary Training Programs
community kitchen partners


The Jacques Pépin Foundation promotes Jacques' generosity and passion for cooking by supporting individuals that seek, and organizations that create pathways to success through culinary professionalism, skills, and technique.

community kitchen partners


Enriching lives and strengthening communities through the power of culinary education.

What We See

  • Millions of people are unemployed with no specific skills for entering the workforce.
  • There is a desperate shortage of workers in the foodservice industry.
  • Education beyond high school takes many forms. Skills and technique training in the culinary arts provides access to jobs.
  • Culinary skills training improves not only employability, but self-reliance, confidence, and health.
  • Learning to cook benefits people from all age groups, all communities, and all walks of life.

What We Do

The JPF is committed to supporting the teaching of culinary skills for employment.

  • We work to improve and expand culinary training through community-based organizations.
  • We provide curricular materials such as cookbooks and technique videos from the Pépin library.
  • We assist in fundraising efforts to increase visibility and sustainability of community kitchens.
  • We broker relationships between equipment manufacturers and education providers.
  • We help organizations join networks such as Catalyst Kitchens Network to share experiences and best practices.
  • We offer grants in support of Community-Based Culinary Training Programs.
  • We support the teaching of culinary skills through many channels to many communities.

Jacques Pépin has dedicated the majority of his career to teaching technique. His own journey began as a child in his mother's restaurant in Lyon and led him to Paris and the service of French Presidents, then to New York and the restaurant Le Pavillon. His talent, energy, and charm ingratiated him with America's most influential culinarians: James Beard, Helen McCully, Craig Claiborne, and Julia Child.

The Foundation was formed in June 2016 by Jacques and his closest family to translate his inspirational love of cooking, mastery of classic technique, and his renowned teaching ability into action that supports the teaching of culinary skills through various channels to many communities.

As the most trusted name in culinary education, we believe the Jacques Pépin Foundation is uniquely qualified to advance culinary training for our neediest, willing citizens.

Jacques Pépin



  • Rollie WesenJPF Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine Members attended the JPF Annual Coffee with the Executive Director, Zoom conversations with Rollie Wesen to review 2022 projects and discuss upcoming goals for 2023.
  • Andrew Zimmern, Jacques Pépin, Tom Colicchio and Daniel BouludOn April 13, The Lighthouse in New York City played host to an unforgettable event celebrating the important work of the JPF. The fresh new venue accommodated a larger audience of long-time supporters and new JPF Members and raised more than $740,000. Special guest Brandon Chrostowski of EDWINS gave a powerful keynote speech on the transformative possibilities of mentorship and culinary education for disadvantaged adults. JPF grantee Project Renewal/City Beet Kitchens was a featured dessert provider.
  • 2023 Gloria Pépin Memorial Grant Recipient, Melissa (Missy) TerrellMelissa (Missy) Terrell, an alumna of Community Kitchen Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA, awarded the 2023 Gloria Pépin Memorial Grant, an annual $5,000 award to an outstanding female graduate of a JPF-funded organization
  • Culinary student holding bag of Scharffen Berger ChocolateJPF Partnership with Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker donates $500 worth of high-quality baking chunks and cocoa powder to ten JPF grantee kitchens this year to aid in their educational programming
  • JPF poster, 'We are all equal in the eyes of the stive'New posters released to support the JPF. 100% of the net profit directed toward our Grants Program in support of Community-Based Culinary Training nationwide
  • Map of United States with icons representing locations of JPF-supported community kitchensOver 66 volunteers came forward over course of grants year to read, score and provide feedback on Principal Grants Program
  • Culinary students at Kitchen of PurposeJPF awards $125,000 in grants to 10 community kitchen programs to support culinary training programs
  • Chefs in a conference room viewing a video stream featuring Jacuqes PépinOn August 23, Jacques, Rollie and Claudine helped kick off the first day of 2023 Catalyst Kitchens National Summit. The 2023 Annual Summit, a member-led, collaborative event, was hosted by Catalyst Kitchen's Model Member, Providence in Winston Salem, NC.
  • Jacques Pépin standing in front of awardIn recognition of his lifelong commitment to culinary education, Jacques is honored at the 50th Anniversary Gala for Johnson & Wales University's College of Food Innovation & Technology
  • Jacques Pépin wearing signature apronJPF launches Holiday Gifting special with a Commis membership and an embroidered Signature Apron
  • Sylvia BarbanThe JPF and the James Beard Foundation collaborated on a special reception in anticipation of the JBF's Gala for Good honoring Jacques
  • Michael Symon and Lidia BastianichThe JPF adds 300 new members during our October Membership Drive with the help of our friends Lidia Bastianich and Michael Symon who matched member donations up to $5,000
  • Culinary students celebratingWe celebrated a major milestone this year: in the 5th year of the JPF Grants Program, over 60 organizations applied for a JPF grant, doubling the number of applications to our grant program since 2019!
  • Chefs featured in Video Recipe Book Volume 5Volume 5 of our Video Recipe Book, Cooking with Jacques & Friends releases on Giving Tuesday — the newest batch of member-exclusive videos from some of the country's top culinary talent. 52 recipes — one new video releasing each week all year for JPF Members
  • Book covers — Food Shift Kitchen Companion: Getting the Most Out of Your Food and Destination: Chef - A Culinary Training Program Guide to Becoming Food-Service Ready in Ten WeeksJPF provides support on recent cookbooks from community partners. These new releases from JPF grantees, Timothy Tucker of the Salvation Army Kroc Center and Food Shift, focus on culinary education for underserved populations and maximizing ingredients already on hand.
  • Culinary students in graduation attire at Cathedral KitchenFinal round of JPF 2023 Principal Grant funds awarded, totalling $58K. First Partnership Circle Grant awarded to New England Culinary Arts Training who will recieve $25K for two consecutive years.

Heading: Impact

Caption: JPF Grantee — Food Shift

Culinary students at Food Shift

2023 Funding Summary

June 2023 first round of Principal Grant recipients
December second round of grant recipients ($58K in Principal Grants and $25K for 1st year of Partnership Grant)
Catalyst Network
Gloria Pepin Memorial Fund
Gala Beneficiary Grant to EDWINS
Non-Cash Support (libraires, community kitchen aprons)
Total Grants
Proposals Received
Organizations Awarded Grants


Collaborative Event
Collaborative Event
Total funds raised for others

2023 Partnership Circle Grant Awardee

New England Center for Arts and Technology NECAT

Boston, MA

New England Culinary Arts Training (NECAT) in Boston, MA is the recipient of first Partnership Circle Grant Award. This $50,000 grant, dispersed over two consecutive years, will support NECAT's core mission in culinary training. By helping NECAT add a new baking component to the curriculum and an exciting social enterprise to provide employment experience for participants, the Partnership Circle Grant allows for a deeper level of support and collaboration between NECAT and the JPF.

2023 Principal Grant Awardees

Culinary students at MY House Mat Su Youth Housing

MY House Mat Su Youth Housing

Wasilla, Alaska


Funding would support improvements to upgrade culinary program's kitchen to commercial standards.

Culinary students at Jewish Family & Children's Service of So. NJ <span>Soups N Sweets</span>

Jewish Family & Children's Service of So. NJ Soups N Sweets

Cherry Hill, NJ


Funding would support additional staffing and higher food costs to enhance and sustain their training program for adults with disabilities so graduates can obtain paid quality employment in food service.

Culinary students at Salvation Army Massachusetts

Salvation Army Massachusetts

Dorchester, MA


Funding would support and strengthen the staffing base and incorporate a youth culinary component and secure licenses for students to utilize Rouxbe.

Culinary students at House of Bah Foundation HOBF <span>Eat N Talk Africa</span>

House of Bah Foundation HOBF Eat N Talk Africa

Omaha, NE


Funding would support the organization's 2 culturally-affirming culinary programs — the African Culinary Academy (138 hours for 10 youth/year) and the Immigrant Culinary Integration (60-hours for 40 adult refugees and immigrants).

Culinary students at Genesis Center <span>CHOP</span>

Genesis Center CHOP

Providence, RI


Funding would support the training costs of the new build out of the Culinary Hub of Providence (CHOP) a workforce development and social enterprise café that is a new initiative of the Genesis culinary workforce training program.

Culinary students at Kitchen of Purpose <span>formerly La Cocina</span>

Kitchen of Purpose formerly La Cocina

Arlington, VA


Funding would support general operating expenses for longstanding culinary training program including new Front of House, Baking and Restaurant Management training opportunities.

Culinary students at Stone Soup

Stone Soup

Portland, OR


Funding for general support (personnel costs, building, repairs, maintenance but also to help increase number of participants and increase the graduation rate above 50%.

Culinary students at Homeward Bound of Marin <span>Fresh Starts Culinary Academy</span>

Homeward Bound of Marin Fresh Starts Culinary Academy

Novato, CA


Funding will expand number of those that can participate in the training and certification program while also supporting new team members and a new bi-lingual financial literacy and PD education aspect for students.

Culinary students at Inspiration Corporation's Inspiration Kitchens

Inspiration Corporation's Inspiration Kitchens

Chicago, IL


Funding will ensure that an increased number of participants continue to receive direct support through paid training opportunities, increasing retention and stability for students. Funding will also provide training materials, food and equipment and will help support staff salaries.

Culinary students at Philabundance


Philadelphia, PA


Funding would be for general operating support, during a critical year as their enrollment numbers increased and program and food costs continue to rise.

Culinary students at San Quentin Cooks

San Quentin Cooks

Oakland, CA


Funding to provide ingredients for menus and graduation banquets that the trainees prepare and help replace training supplies and equipment that were lost during covid shut down.

Culinary students at Propel Kitchens

Propel Kitchens

St. Louis, MO


Funding for general operating support for a program that works within the St. Louis Promise Zone (federal designation to increase economic investment) serving youth and adults to increase employment, give college credit for course, certification from ACF, and food safety certification.

Culinary students at Cathedral Soup Kitchen

Cathedral Soup Kitchen

Camden, NJ


Funding for general operating support for a program that works within the St. Louis Promise Zone (federal designation to increase economic investment) serving youth and adults to increase employment, give college credit for course, certification from ACF, and food safety certification.

Culinary students at Life's Kitchen

Life's Kitchen

Boise, ID


Funding for general operating support for program serving youth ages 16-24, providing multiple certifications and aligned with ID's State Board of Ed. Strong commitment to justice, equity, inclusion, and strong alumni support. Students work in 3 social enterprises and hunger relief as part of training.

Culinary students at Emma's Torch

Emma's Torch

Brooklyn NY and Washington DC


Funding to provide general operating and alumni support in both locations that serve refugees, asylees, survivors of human trafficking and other migrants resettled into NYC and metro DC area.

Other Support

OXO logo

Our valued industry partner OXO provided $500 worth of equipment from OXO brand small wares catalog for 20 community based culinary training programs nationwide.

JPF logo

The JPF provides sets of Jacques Pépin technique-driven cookbooks to help training programs build lending libraries and offer additional resources; the JPF provides press releases for grantees in their local media markets to help announce grant awards.

Chef Works logo

The JPF provides Chef Works aprons featuring a grantee's logo and the phrase “We are all equal in the eyes of the stove” to all grant awardees.

Scharffen Berger logo

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker donated $500 worth of Scharffen Berger high-quality baking chunks and cocoa powder to ten JPF grantee kitchens this year to aid in their educational programming.

2023 Annual Report Featured Partner

Kitchen of Purpose

In 2014, Kitchen of Purpose in Arlington, VA (formerly La Cocina VA) began teaching culinary skills to the Washington DC immigrant community, addressing barriers that many new arrivals face — including unemployment, language, and food insecurity. In the summer of 2020, Kitchen of Purpose opened the Zero Barriers Training and Entrepreneurship Center that houses their job training programs, a small business incubator, a shared kitchen, and a café where clients and developing entrepreneurs display their culinary achievements and locals can enjoy good food for a good cause.

Kitchen of Purpose offers the only bilingual culinary job training program in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. This program gives participants the necessary tools and resources to overcome poverty and create a better, healthier future for individuals, their families, and future generations using the power of food.

Program participants receive a culinary arts certificate through the Workforce Development program at Northern VA Community College and food safety certification. Students are placed with employer partners that offer family-sustaining wages, benefits, and career pathways. Once they finish the program, students have access to an Alumni Network to build and maintain connections within the industry and receive supportive services for two years post-program completion.

Culinary student at Kitchen of Purpose

As a child living in El Salvador, Gerber Martinez loved watching his mom cook. As an adult in the U.S., his dream was to run a Salvadoran bakery. In 2022, he took a first step towards making that dream a reality by completing the bilingual Culinary Training Program at Kitchen of Purpose in Arlington, VA (a repeat recipient of the JPF's Principal Grants Program).

Today, Gerber works at a top seafood restaurant and is saving up for his bakery business. He enrolled in the Kitchen of Purpose's Small Business Incubator program and is working on his business plan. Gerber is excited to create a better future for his family and turn his lifelong love of food and cooking into a small but mighty business.

The JPF is proud to partner with Kitchen of Purpose.

Chef Gerber Martinez

Gloria Pépin Memorial Grant

Melissa (Missy) Terrell, an alumna of the Community Kitchen Pittsburgh, was the recipient of the 2023 Gloria Pépin Memorial Grant, an annual $5,000 award to an outstanding female graduate of a JPF-funded organization.

Here's what members of the Community Kitchen Pittsburgh had to say about Missy in the application:

“While at Community Kitchen Pittsburgh, Melissa was a natural leader. Her thirst for knowledge and opportunity was contagious among her classmates. After graduation, Melissa secured employment as a C-suite chef for the administrators at Pittsburgh Public Schools and recently has been promoted to oversee safety and sanitation training at all the district's schools.” — Samantha Swartz, Community Kitchen Pittsburgh Operations Director

Melissa had a successful career as a social worker when she was told her 6-year-old son had autism and would face significant challenges with communication and learning. Due to her son's needs, Melissa was unable to continue working, but while at home, she used food as a catalyst to teach her son to speak, read, and do basic math calculations. From this culinary work, Tug Butter LLC, her apple butter and pound cake business was born.

In Missy's own words:

“To receive this award is a tremendous honor and privilege, for myself and my children. Embodying the spirit of culinary excellence is allowing me to leave my mark in a place where other women and moms can see that there is a place for us. When I started Tug Butter I had no idea that simple family recipes would teach my autistic son to read, write, and do basic math.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this award and the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the many gifts to be found in autism. It is my hope to continue to learn and grow and have the opportunity to reach back and teach those that were in the same position as myself.”

The Foundation applauds Missy Terrell for her personal growth and congratulates the Community Kitchen Pittsburgh for their fantastic work supporting individuals like Missy.

Missy Terrell

Heading: Financials

Caption: JPF Grantee — Homeward Bound

Culinary students at Homeward Bound


JPF revenue graph

Revenue Total


Revenue Summary

Events and Collaborations
Membership and Video Recipe Book Sponsorship
Online Culinary Education
Pépin Content Licensing
Additional Income
Direct Public Support

Revenue Totals

Current Assets

Note: Annual audit currently in process. Financial data, as presented, is unaudited.


JPF expenses graph

Expenses Total



Grant and Direct Expenses
Program Contract Services


Fundraising Expenses


Admin, IT, Operations, Travel, Insurance

Note: Annual audit currently in process. Financial data, as presented, is unaudited.

Heading : People

Caption: JPF Grantee — Kitchens of Purpose

Culinary students from Kitchens of Purpose

Executives, Board and Team


Jacques Pépin
Jacques Pépin

Executive Chairman

Claudine Pépin
Claudine Pépin


Rollie Wesen
Rollie Wesen

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Susie Heller
Susie Heller
Brian Maynard
Brian Maynard
Michel Nischan
Michel Nischan
Robert Price
Robert Price

Advisors to the Foundation

Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins
Jacques Torres
Jacques Torres
Hasty Torres
Hasty Torres


Marissa Ain
Marissa Ain

Director Of Operations

Carolyn Crow
Carolyn Crow

Marketing and Events Associate

Jeff Drury
Jeff Drury

Digital Design and Development

Jennifer Quigley Harris
Jennifer Quigley Harris

Membership, Partnerships and Engagement Director

Juliana Pesavento
Juliana Pesavento

Media Liaison

Tina Salter
Tina Salter

Video and Content Director

Byron Thompson
Byron Thompson

Video Editor

Amy Volger
Amy Volger

Educational Program Specialist

Heading: Partners

Caption: JPF Grantee — West Side Catholic Center

Culinary students at West Side Catholic Center


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We are all equal in the eyes of the stove.

Jacques Pépin