Strengthening community-based culinary arts training programs across the country

The Jacques Pépin Foundation (JPF) advances Jacques’ love of culinary arts and teaching through video and recipe production and curriculum development, expanding education and training for all.

We provide grants and other resources to community-based culinary arts training programs nationwide, supporting those organizations that help individuals detached from the workforce gain confidence, skills, and employment in the food industry.

Learn more about our specific support for culinary training programs across the U.S. by clicking on the map at right. If you are interested in learning more about the JPF, please subscribe to our newsletter or reach out to us at We would love to know about your program.

Join the JPF’s Vision to improve lives and strengthen communities through culinary education. Joining the JPF Membership directly helps expand the reach of the JPF’s Mission to promote Jacques’ generosity and passion for cooking by supporting individuals that seek, and organizations that create pathways to success through culinary professionalism, skills, and technique.

Grants and Collaborative Opportunities

The Jacques Pépin Foundation supports culinary arts education and job training. Our mission is in part realized by supporting non-profit, community-based, culinary arts training programs that offer life skills and culinary training to adults with high barriers to employment. Questions about our Grants Program? Please contact Jennifer Quigley-Harris at

JPF Membership

Grant Program For Community-Based Culinary Arts Training Programs 2024 JPF Principal Grant Program RFP

Applications are welcome from existing nonprofits for general operation costs OR specific projects to enhance a culinary training program. Grant proposals may include general operating costs, costs for membership fees to join a community kitchen network, funds to improve facilities, expand programming, directly improve teaching, add certifications, support alumni, or expand or improve upon employer partnerships.

  • We are accepting bids for up to $10,000 grants.
  • Organizations funded during last year’s 2023 JPF grant cycle are NOT eligible to apply in 2024 (may apply 2025).
  • Organizations funded during the 2022 JPF grant cycle (or earlier) are invited to apply.
  • Organizations that applied during any JPF grant cycle year and were not funded are invited to apply.
  • Organizations that have never applied for JPF grant funding are invited to apply.

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2023 Grant Program Recipient, Salvation Army Massachusetts

JPF Membership

2024 Gloria Pépin Memorial Grant

We invite previously JPF-funded community based culinary training programs to submit proposals for this special grant opportunity. In honor of Jacques’ late wife, the JPF offers the “Gloria Pépin Memorial Grant”, a $5,000 unrestricted award, to a top female graduate of a JPF grant-awarded community kitchen program. All JPF grant awardees from any previous year are invited to nominate one graduate per year for this award, to be distributed in June.

Learn more about our 2023 recipient, Melissa (Missy) Terrell

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2023 Gloria Pépin Memorial Grant Recipient Melissa (Missy) Terrell

Partners and Beneficiaries

Catalyst Kitchens

We partner with Catalyst Kitchens, a network of nonprofits leading a movement to end joblessness through foodservice job training and social enterprise.

Feeding America

We support Feeding America’s network of culinary job training programs housed in food banks across the country.

JPF Support

Grant Funding

JPF Grant Funding

Since we started our grants program in 2019, we have granted over $1,000,000 to multiple organizations nationwide. The JPF mission and vision are rooted firmly in the belief that culinary skills training leads better health, increased self-confidence, and employment and career opportunities. We are proud to partner with and support organizations in every community that offer life skills and culinary training to individuals with high barriers to employment.

See our map of support

2021 Grant Program Recipient, La Cocina

Curricular Materials


JPF Library

The Foundation distributes a set of books that includes two Jacques Pépin technique-driven cookbooks — Complete Techniques and Essential Pépin (along with accompanying educational DVD), and a copy of Jacques’ autobiography The Apprentice to training programs for use in their curriculum or as an addition to their lending library for participants.

JPF Curricular Materials - Cooking Videos

Cooking Videos

The Foundation offers selections of Jacques Pépin cooking videos on its website for all culinary training programs to access and use in their curriculum.

The Foundation offers free JPF Group Memberships for organizations that have received a grant, providing multi-person logins for Cook with Jacques Pepin & Friends – the JPF Membership Video Recipe Book that features over 165 cooking videos.

In 2021, the JPF released a collaborative online culinary curriculum with Rouxbe Online Culinary Education. The online course with Rouxbe called “Jacques Pépin: A Legacy of Technique” helps support our work with training programs.

OXO Peeler

Industry Support

We continue to build relationships with food industry partners such as OXO, Cuisinart, Nestle Professional and Chef Works to help provide much-needed equipment and supplies for community-based culinary training program grantees. Please reach out to us if you would like more information about becoming a Jacques Pépin Industry Partner.