Strengthening community-based culinary arts training programs across the country

Through our network partners, Catalyst Kitchens and Feeding America, we have identified over 100 community kitchens across the country dedicated to improving lives and strengthening communities through culinary training. These programs offer individuals free culinary and life skills training that leads to increased confidence, better health and more employment opportunities. Our goal is to discover every organization that does this work and to create a community that shares best practices and effective curricula.

Map of culinary arts training programs across the United States

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Grants and Collaborative Opportunities

The Jacques Pépin Foundation supports culinary arts education and training. Our mission is in part realized by supporting non-profit, community-based, culinary arts training programs that offer life skills and culinary training to adults with high barriers to employment.

Current Grant Opportunities

Request for Proposal: 2019 Grant Toward Community-based Culinary Arts Training Programs

With over $100K available, our 2019 grant program represents our next level effort to advance culinary training through CBCATs. This request for proposals (RFP) is for existing CBCATs who are raising capital to formalize their culinary training program, join a community kitchen network, improve facilities, expand their programming, or in other ways directly improve their teaching. We are accepting bids for $5,000 - $10,000 grants that will directly improve the teaching of culinary skills to disadvantaged adults or at-risk youths.

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Past and Current Beneficiaries

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Our Efforts

Our goal is to raise visibility and support for community kitchens across the country. In 2019, we will initiate a program offering $10K grants to at least 10 different community kitchens. In addition, our efforts include


Source Materials

The JPF shares content from Jacques’ rich legacy of cookbooks and videos with community kitchens to be used as training materials or part of a lending library.

In 2018, the Foundation proudly distributed books and videos to over 20 community-based culinary arts training programs. Highlighting Jacques’ firm belief that learning culinary technique is an essential ingredient for success, the multimedia care packages included two technique-driven cookbooks, an accompanying educational DVD, Pépin’s autobiography and a copy of “The Art of the Craft”, an American Masters documentary film about Pépin.

In 2019, the JPF will continue this distribution and in addition will work to create a consolidated library of Jacques’ videos and a catalog of demonstrated techniques to be utilized in community kitchen curricula across the country.

OXO Peeler

Building Industry Relationships

OXO provided 20 community-based culinary arts training programs each with $500 worth of their universal design tools, including peelers, gloves, can openers, whisks, mixing bowl sets and knives. OXO has anniversaried this commitment for an additional 10K in 2019. Thank you to OXO for being one of our valued industry partners!

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Direct Teaching

Jacques and other JPF team members volunteer their time in community kitchens providing professional training to students. We also connect professional chefs who want to volunteer to community kitchens in their area.

Our Partners and Collaborators

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Making a Difference

Harvest Tribute and Installation at Stone Acres Farm, Stonington, CT

On October 13, the JPF was proud to support, through the Jacques Pepin Legacy Fund, the installation of a bronze statue of Jacques on Stone Acres Farm, in Stonington, CT. The bust was created by internationally renowned Zenos Frudakis, mounted on pink Stony Creek, CT granite and accompanied by casts of Jacques’ hands, and a […]

On Site at Billings Forge Community Works

On August 2nd and 3rd Jacques and the JPF were with the Billings Forge Community Works in Hartford, teaching a class for their culinary training program and hosting a fund-raiser. The class was a hands-on opportunity with the master to learn a variety of techniques from whipping egg whites, to fundamental knife skills, to peeling […]