On August 23, Jacques, Rollie and Claudine helped kick off the first day of 2023 Catalyst Kitchens National Summit by joining attendees via Zoom for brief welcoming remarks. The 2023 Annual Summit, a member-led, collaborative event, was hosted by Catalyst Kitchen’s Model Member, Providence in Winston Salem, NC, and featured 3 days of workshops, trainings and sharing of innovative practices across all areas of community kitchen’s culinary programming.

Jacques spoke about his long career in food education and the importance and pleasure of gathering together at the table with others to share food. “The table is the great equalizer,” Jacques said. “Spending time in the kitchen is part of who I am, part of how I was raised and I don’t see my life otherwise.”

The JPF is proud to support to the members of the Catalyst Kitchens network. More information on how we support these culinary education organizations nationwide can be found on the Programs page of the website.