Jacques Cooks with Friends, 1975

“Jacques Cooks with Friends” is a 35 minute documentary of Jacques, with his wife Gloria, entertaining friends at their home in Hunter, NY. Filmed in 1975, this recently re-discovered film, courtesy of Daniel Labeille/Offshoot Productions, is the first known video of Jacques, offering culinary and hospitality instruction. Fans will be immediately drawn to the foreshadowing of Jacques’ signature on-camera style, as he makes quick work of cooking a complete menu, with hands skilled at economy and precision, while calmly explaining each step. The film culminates, like many evenings at Jacques and Gloria’s home, with friends gathered around the table, enjoying each other’s company, delicious food and wine. The Jacques Pépin Foundation was thrilled to discover this well-produced window into the past and are delighted to be able to share it with you. Happy Cooking!

Video courtesy of
Daniel Labeille/Offshoot Productions