Homage to Van Gogh

Van Gogh lived in Arles, France, the birthplace of the daube, and Jacques’ Daube of Beef Arlesiénne, thickened with a mixture of bread, toasted hazelnuts, garlic, and parsley, is in the Arlesiénne manner. A colorful dish of Zucchini and Tomato Fans begins the meal, while Red Wine and Cassis Strawberries are served for dessert.

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This video library offers samples of Jacques' prolific body of television work, as well as a developing, searchable catalog of techniques.

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Jacques Pépin: A Legacy of Technique

Jacques Pépin: A Legacy of Technique

This online course will teach you how to "cook more like Jacques" by decoding and explaining the principles underlying the techniques that inform his cooking. The 30-hour course applies a culinary school framework to explain the method behind the magic.

Jacques Pépin Foundation Premiere

JP Cooks with Friends, 1975


Jacques Cooks with Friends, 1975

“Jacques Cooks with Friends” is a 35-minute documentary of Jacques, with his wife Gloria, entertaining friends at their home. Produced in 1975, this recently re-discovered film is the first known video of Jacques offering culinary and hospitality instruction.

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