The JPF co-hosted with the Julia Child Foundation a fundraising event in support of the Food History Project at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (NMAH). The project at the museum in Washington, DC is the home of Julia Child’s complete kitchen, down to the post-it notes on the telephone, from her home in Cambridge, MA. The event was emceed by our own acting board chair, Brian Maynard, a long-time friend of Julia’s. During the run-of-show Jacques told the story of cooking the last meal in the kitchen with Julia, before it was moved to Washington.

The event strengthened our bond with the Julia Child Foundation, and coalesced a long-standing friendship with the NMAH. Together, at the event, we recognized that the two culinary icons, Julia and Jacques, now represented by their foundations, played a significant role in shaping the culinary landscape of America, and with our support, and your help, their contributions will continue to inspire, inform and impact how people cook for decades to come.

The event, held in Jacques’ home town, was warm, convivial, joyous and delicious! The dinner was strongly supported by 85th day food community, with cocktails by Port of Call, and contributions from Chef Renee Touponce, Oyster Bar, Mystic, CT. Together we raised $50,000 in support of the Food History Project. Please follow our emails to learn about opportunities to meet Jacques in person and celebrate our work.

Pictured alongside Jacques and Claudine: Eric Spivey, Director Julia Child Foundation