This week, JPF staff were treated to two days of inspirational programming at JPF grantee DC Central Kitchen for the Catalyst Kitchens Northeast Regional Summit. The JPF is proud to support the fine work of the Catalyst Kitchens members (many of them also JPF grantees), and it was thrilling to see so many familiar faces out of their Zoom boxes and in the beautiful facility at DCCK! See below for a few of the photos snapped by the teams from JPF and Catalyst.

If you know of an organization that should join the JPF family as a grantee, please pass on the details and Request For Proposals. You may also email questions to Applications are due by May 1, 2024.

Photos: Program participants and graduates packing some of the 16,500 meals produced every day by DCCK; JPF staff Carolyn Crow and Jennifer Quigley-Harris; DCCK volunteers prep broccoli and carrots for tomorrow’s meals; the small but mighty Catalyst Kitchens team, Justin Smith (Executive Director), Benita Brisco (Director of Development), and Dina Altieri (Director of Education & Training); everybody’s favorite part of the kitchen tour: the Biodigester that keeps the majority of DCCK’s food waste out of landfills by breaking it down into grey water.